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Astralis HR is an HR consultancy established by Amanda Lennon in 2020 following a successful corporate career in senior HR and legal roles across several sectors including technology, telecoms, facilities, sports and entertainment, media, aviation and professional services. Amanda has worked in organisations of all sizes, and offers HR support to both employers and employees.

Services for employers

My experience makes me well placed to advise businesses on all aspects of HR strategy and projects from planning to delivery, and my hands on and commercial approach ensures that my work is always aligned to business objectives.

My legal background means that if a matter moves on from pure HR to employment law (regulated) advice, I can continue to provide a seamless, cost-effective service to clients provided my legal advice is given via Spencer West.

I undertake a range of HR solutions on a flexible basis. Examples include:
Astralis Matrix Booking
I can offer a variety of pricing models depending on the needs of the client, such as:
Interim assignments
Interim assignments at an agreed day rate for a fixed or extendable period of time, eg 6-12 months running an HR/related transformation programme, devising and implementing HR strategies, setting up or transforming an HR Shared Service centre, HR aspects of mergers and acquisitions (preparation for sale and purchase, due diligence), organisational design and restructuring (eg integration work, redundancy consultations), business transfers (eg TUPE).
Fixed fee HR support
Fixed fee HR support to implement or review the foundations of a commercial HR function, eg culture and engagement workshops, drafting and/or reviewing employment documentation such as contracts, policies and procedures, employee handbooks (tailored to the client as required), talent mapping and succession planning workshops, performance review/appraisal documents.
Learning and development support
Learning and development support on an hourly rate basis or for a fixed fee, eg developing and implementing a learning and development strategy, identifying employees’ training needs, preparing career development plans, devising and delivering tailored training, coaching and mentoring advice.
HR health check
I can conduct an HR health check (a preliminary review of a client’s existing HR processes and procedures with recommendations for improvements) for a fixed fee. This fee is waived if the client engages me to provide further work within a specified period.
Facilitating dispute resolution
I have significant experience of negotiating and meditating disputes, on behalf of both employers and employees, and between employees at work. I focus on achieving an outcome that both parties can move forward from, with a view to avoiding litigation where possible. For this type of work I usually work on an hourly rate basis.
HR helpline
I offer a telephone/video call helpline for advising on day to day HR queries and people issues, charged at a fixed fee for a set number of hours per month (based on the client’s requirements).
HR retainer
This is HR consultancy advice on a retained basis for an agreed period, under which I provide day to day HR advice and support to the client as required.
Employment law advice
I provide a full range of employment law advice in my capacity as a Partner of Spencer West (due to regulation around the provision of legal advice), on an hourly rate or fixed fee basis. I act on behalf of both employers and employees across multiple sectors.
To discuss how Astralis HR can support your business, please contact Astralis HR.

Services for employees

I regularly advise employees as well as employers, so I very much understand both perspectives.

Examples of the services I provide to employees include:


Drafting and supporting with grievances and complaints, flexible working and other requests.


Advising and coaching employees on their approach when involved in HR processes such as disciplinaries, grievances, performance reviews and consultations.


Helping employees understand and assert their employment rights.


Advising through Spencer West on Employment Tribunal claims, settlement agreements and settlement negotiations.

To discuss how Astralis HR can help you if you’re faced with an HR issue at work, please contact Astralis HR.

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